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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 8, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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a father was murdered in his own home. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm adam may, the husband and father of three children was shot in his rundalestown home and his friends and family are gathering for a vigil in his honor. those who knew him are demanding justice. >> reporter: yeah, that's happening here in front of the crime scene, tonight, we have an interview with the victim's wife. she says she was the only other adult home at 2:00 a.m. when the unknown gunman broke into the house and murdered her husband and tonight, the case is unsolved. >> reporter: the pain is all too real for the family and friends of craig buoy. early thursdays morning, someone shot him in his own home at western wind circle in rundalestown. his wife is terrified that the gunman will return. she spoke to wjz-13 and asked
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not to show her face on camera. >> craig has not hurt no one. he's a laid back person. >> reporter: she was upstairs when he went downstairs to get food and she heard a struggle. >> i heard him struggling and i said, did you fell and i saw him and a guy in a white t- shirt and long dread locks at his shoulder. >> that's his description of the suspect. we'll have more on the interview tonight at 11:00. the police are asking for more information, if you know anything about the crime, call metro crimestoppers. the family are busy planning the funeral arrangement for the 37-year-old. we're live in rundalesville. all right, derek, thank you. and the number for crimestoppers is on the screen. now, for a developing story in anne arundel county.
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a family is undergoing a emergency -- a car hit a light pole in ridge mere crossing in lore and killed a driver. and the vehicle rolled into benches where a couple and children were taking a break from riding bikes. tonight, the 45-year-old mother and the 39-year-old mother are at shock trauma and one of the children is treated with head injuries and the other child isn't hurt. we're hoping to more information on that tonight at 11:00. >> we're learning of a maryland connection to the six gunned down in afghanistan. one of the victims is a pennsylvania nurse who earned his degree at johns hopkins university. terrell brown has the latest. >> reporter: three more americans have been identified on the taliban attack.
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he was an administrator and dr. thomas was a dentist from colorado. and a knoxville family says their daughter died in the attack and the bodies of the aid members are in kabul to be identified. two afghan and six americans were accused of spying and attempting to convert people from muslims to christianity. also, an optometrist was killed. his wife says he knew the danger but felt this was his calling. >> he would want me to say, he was an ordinary christian doing what god wanted him to do, bringing eye care to afghanistan. >> >> reporter: worshipers honored tom's life and his mission. he was a quiet man who had a strong resolve as to what he was doing. >> reporter: the secretary of
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state called the killings a despicable act of violence and nato condemned the violence. this comes as violence is on the rise. and civilian deaths are up 6% campaigned to this time last year. the christian organization won't be deterred. they say their work will go on. in new york, i'm terrell brown. >> now, before they were killed, they spent two weeks delivering some of the first toothbrushes and eyeglasses that people had seen. back here in baltimore, an early morning fire leaves a child dead. there were no working smoke alarms in the home. the firefighters responded to the home around 2:45 this morning. the home's second floor was already engulfed when they got there. the rescue crews found the child's body upstairs. >> preliminarily, it was due to smoke inhalation and burns, but
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the official cause of death will be determined by the state medical examiner. the cause of the fire is under investigation. city firefighters are urging residents to check their smoke detectors. you can get them free at fire stations in baltimore. as we approach a hot week of summer weather, many will have to look elsewhere for relief. many of the pools are closing for the rest of the season. as tim williams reports, budget short falls are to blame. >> reporter: it could be the hottest part of the summer and baltimore city couldn't keep the budget from going under. well, it sucks. >> reporter: the department of recreation and parks is shutting down operations at all out door pools and three indoor pools will be open. >> this is an unfortunate incident for a lot of people such as myself who like to swim
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and especially the kids who come every day. >> reporter: they knew it would be for a shorter season. frequent users of the pools are holding out hope they'll find the funds to stay open and as of last check, baltimore city issued this statement. all city schools will be closed and it was planned earlier this year. some residents arriving to swim for the first time are prized at the news. >> i feel like this is not just another pool that's better here in druid park. >> reporter: hope is that next year, the budget will keep the pool operations afloat. >> well, it may be a matter of priorities and other jobs on the line, we'll have to wait and see what they do. >> reporter: i'm tim williams, wjz eyewitness news. three facilities will be
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remaining open. the temperatures were okay today, but we have more heat and humidity in the forecast. we'll look outside at the scattered clouds. when are the temperatures going to climb back up in the 90s. we'll go to bernadette woods for a look at the radar. >> reporter: starting tomorrow. that's when we'll go into the 90s. also, the humidity will climb also. right now, nothing's going on. 87 degrees and the humidity is low and it's comfortable. the temperatures are climbing tomorrow and then, even more so for the middle part of the week, we'll have that in the forecast. thank you, and still to come on wjz-13 eyewitness news tonight. amazing tornado video, check this out here. a twister caught on tape as it tears apart a home in minnesota and the leak is finally sealed. bp is reporting positive test results. that's coming up next. and this break, the tax
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free week is on now. what's spurring the savings. i'm gigi barnett and the details are just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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check out this tornado, it december tried this farmhouse near the north dakota border.
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it scattered debris and the farmhouse was empty and no injuries were reported. that's really wild. today, bp says that the cement hardening the well is harded. and the bp engineers can drill the final 100 feet of relief well. the crews will drill 30 feet at the time. and a glimmer of hope for struggling homeowners in the region, the long decline in home prices is ending region's average sale price went down a few hundred dollars and the recent stabilization came as the sales rose. they're up 18%. >> and grab your wallets, it's tax free shopping week in maryland. gigi barnett reports on how it can get your kids back to school. >> reporter: every time a
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shopper passes through the check out line, the state gets a cut in the form of a 6% seams tax. this week, that fee for doing business in maryland is suspended. for some, the list got longer. >> we need pants and shirts and shoes and underwear and socks. and a backpack and a lunchbox. >> reporter: she has four sons and she says she saved even though clothes and shoes are covered during the week. >> when you have a large bill, i think it really does make a difference. just like you'll, you know, buy a 30-cent price cut, it motivates you. >> reporter: the last time it was approved was in 2001, now, it's happened again. this is like a little stimulus package -- >> reporter: here's how it works any clothing or shoe item under $100 is not taxed even if the
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overall purchase adds up to $100, they save the tax. >> i wanted to cash in on the deals having the 6% spending and i came out and got my shop on. >> reporter: over the next week, the state says it will lose money because of the suspended sales tax, but it will save something, mainly jobs. >> 20% of all maryland jobs come from the retail sector, they're hammered by the recession. so, if you're worried about the state of the economy, this week, go out and shop. >> reporter: and save. i'm gigi barnett in towson, for wjz eyewitness news. and every penny counts and the state will lose $9 million in revenue during this week. well, it's part of the continuing commitment, the great prostate challenge continued. you can get a free screening today. the challenge was found by the urology association and to find
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out more information about the next one, go to our website. let's go to bernadette woods now. it's been the best weekend of the summer. >> especially after the summer we've had. so intense with the heat and the humidity. and that weather is returning this week. i hope you enjoyed this weekend. we're at 87 degrees and the dew point is creeping up a little bit into the low 60s and we'll keep the humidity at 44%. that's changing and we'll have the forecast when we return. ,,,
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after what we've been through, you have to remember, it's still only august. we have a lot more to come. >> and we're only done with one
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week. >> oh, where are they going? that's a huge cruise ship. well, here's what's coming our way. yes topped out at 89 degrees and bottomed out on the cold spell yesterday. temperatures climbed today and the dew points are into the low 60s. yesterday, in the 50s an not all that bad yet. 87-degrees is where we sit now and 88 in hagerstown and 77 cool degrees in the mountains in oakland. the winds turned to the south and they'll pick up as they turn to the south west, that will bring back the heat and humid. at this point, we have a few more storms out there. this is going to pass to the north and this one is going to be a problem into the middle of the week. the high pressure on top of us is hanging on to the pleasant conditions. as it moves away tomorrow, here is the heat behind it. it works out like this, the high gives way and here is the heat building back into the 90
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and more so on tuesday. here's the northern passing storm. just a slight chance for a late day thunderstorm monday and tuesday. here's the chance. most of us will be dry. it's this storm that will bring us bigger chances wednesday and thursday and it will stall into the area friday keeping the thunderstorms around. that's something we'll keep you updated on into the week. this is the last time we'll talk about colin, it's making its way to the north east. the last issue was 11:00 today. because of the 5:00 update, it's not a tropical depression any more. it's broken up so much. this is the latest. and no longer a tropical depression, it will race to the north east and we're watching another system though developing just off the coast of africa. it could be the next organized tropical system. out on the waters, much quieter and south west winds and we're going down to 66 and tomorrow,
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we're back up to 92 degrees and the humid is starting to climb and taking a look at the temperatures, we'll jump back into the mid-90s and stay there and increasing the thunderstorm chances and the temperatures will come down and the humidity will be high during this time. adam? let's go to stan saunders for a preview of sports. well, they won, again. >> yes, again. the orioles won! i'll tole you the score, when we get back. [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. tender juicy steak, sizzlin' hot bacon, fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now.
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crank up the flavor at subway.
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we won and plus one. >> and yeah, they lost and then they won. they're doing good. . >> well, they're a little more unpredictable. >> i'm wondering, is buck showalter so intimidating that they're scared into winning. well, the sinking ship oriole's new manager told the troop, aisle looking -- i'm looking for nuggets and they stood up and played. it was tied and the birds got into a back to back groove with the double and that scored with paterson and the o's took the lead and then, wiggington smacked a double and it's 3-1 and we'll fast forward and the white sox come into a run and
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they cash it out of the park and orioles with a precarious advantage and here's the final out on the day that started -- well, today's winner setting the tone early and the bird's win the second out of the three and 4-3, the finals. >> we have parts and we have great players, it's going to be a matter of finding the 25 nuggets, the 25 guys that play together and they care for each other and they're glue for each other. >> it's been a smooth transition for me and my family. the only thing uncomfortable is between the lines. i think it's going fine, so far, so good. >> and that's good to hear. and nfl now. imagine the raven's winning award when it comes to cutting down on penalties. it's the focus and there's a lot of excitement galore over
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the excitement of joe flacco. i wonder how boldin felt about coming into the purple mrs. when -- palace when he came from the arizona cardinals. >> you felt the excitement and they were ready to cheer on the team. it was a different atmosphere like the college type atmosphere. >> and man, we're excited to have you here. and this reminder, the ravens versus the pans they ares. -- panthers. > and in golf, mayhan is the winner. he finished under 64 today and the bonus is the spot on the rider cup team. tiger woods was next to last. and opening the door for mickelson to take over the number one ranking in the world and in swimming, the u.s.
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nationals, the men's 200-meter backstroke, michael phelps finished 4th. he won three events though. all right, stan, thanks. coming up tonight at 11:00, a major brawl. 70 involved in a fight on the washington, d.c. met tropical storm what spark -- metro. also, two men escaped from a prison in arizona and they murdered a couple. they're hide anything a national landmark. be sure to watch the good wife tonight and followed by wjz-13 at 11:00. many skipped the beach in new york and made a park out of park avenue. check this out. this is the biggest attraction, dumpsterred turned into swimming pools. they hold about 10 people each.
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that's on saturdays for the next few weeks. remember kathryn brown, she posted a picture of this on her facebook page. i think she's covering that. >> i hope she rents it out. >> and yeah, it's new york. well, you could swim in them. thank you for watching wjz eyewitness news, ,,,,,,,,,,
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